Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome Queens to the Natural Crown

I love hair, even during my junior high school years, hair has been a constant part of my life and now that I am natural and free, the love has grown (along with my hair) even deeper and stronger. This blog is to celebrate natural queens all around the world, talk about their journey, and educate women who have considered going natural yet still have so many questions about the process.
We are looking for great things from this connection and even some transparent testimonials from women and even words of encouragement.

So lets celebrate Natural Crown Queens and give them the royal treatment they deserve.

1 comment:

  1. I'M DOING IT SHAR!!! My friend is going to keep me braided up till I get a little growth...and I am cutting Dark n lovely OFF :) my birth sis and you, my "long distance sis" helped me decide :) no more chemical burnt hair for me!!

    I miss you! I see you are out there buggin right now lol just doin errrthing haha I love it! We have to catch up soon. Thank you for the inspiration to be natural, AND to want more out of my career. I keep "hearing" what you said...I've had 2 promotions in 7 months XD

    I see Alon is taking after Mom even more now! The link to her site wasn't working though. Let me know when it's fixed ok? <3